Bintelli Golf Carts vs Tomberlin

If you’re a golfer, then you know that the right cart can make all the difference in your game and getting around the course. Bintelli Golf Carts and Tomberlin are two dependable brands that offer comfortable carts with lots of premium features. Which one is the best fit for you, though?

Toms River Bintelli Golf Carts put this Bintelli Golf Carts vs. Tomberlin comparison together to help individuals and business owners in Toms River, Beachwood, and Brick, NJ, decide.

Premium Cart Design

Whether you’re making a quick turn to avoid driving on the green or you need to pull a U-turn on the cart path, Bintelli Golf Carts will come through for you. Both the 4PR and 6PR Street Legal Golf Carts run on 10-inch wheels, which makes them agile and provides you with a smooth ride.

Tomberlin carts come in a wide range of sizes and offer 12- and 14-inch wheels. These can lead to a bumpy ride and make your cart a little less maneuverable. Not only that, but the extra ground clearance may make entering and exiting the vehicle more cumbersome.

In addition to their specs, Bintelli Golf Carts offer a more refined design with aluminum rims and wood grain trim on the dashboard and steering wheel. On the other hand, Tomberlin carts don’t feature wood and have an awkward appearance with a sharply angled windshield.

Convenient Amenities

Both Bintelli Golf Carts and Tomberlin carts can provide you with the same comfort and convenience you’d find in a car. For example, both brands are designed to help you see clearly with features like windshield wipers and rearview mirrors.

Plus, to keep everyone safe, both seatbelts and turn signals are also included. Each manufacturer uses AS1 safety glass for their windshields too. On top of protecting you from golf balls and the elements, they also make it easy to bring everything you need with a folding backseat that turns into a cargo bed.

With Bintelli Golf Carts, you can bring even more cargo, though. They feature a built-in cooler, so your drinks are always cool. Unfortunately, Tomberlin carts don’t come with any sort of cooler.

Efficient Performance

Underneath their stylish designs and fun features, Bintelli Golf Carts are built to help you get where you want to go. To do that, they run on efficient batteries and can reach speeds of up to 25 MPH. Of course, it’s not just about speed. Efficiency is also key when you have a distance to travel. Take a look at the ranges select Bintelli and Tomberlin Golf Carts offer below:

  • Bintelli Golf Cart Range: 50 miles
  • Tomberlin Golf Cart Range: 40 miles

Both the Bintelli 4PR and 6PR Street Legal Golf Carts have a range of 50 miles on a single charge. Tomberlin carts can also get up to speed and stay with the flow of traffic. However, you’ll have to plug them in more often; the E-MERGE GT’s range is only about 40 miles.

Test Drive a Luxurious Golf Cart

With a premium design, more exclusive amenities, and the ability to travel farther before charging, Bintelli Golf Carts offer a more comfortable and convenient experience to golfers in Toms River, Beachwood, and Brick, New Jersey. Visit Toms River Bintelli Golf Carts to learn more about Bintelli Golf Carts vs. Tomberlin and to get behind the wheel.

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