Bintelli Beyond 4PR for Sale near Toms River NJ

At Toms River Bintelli Golf Carts, we have a wide selection of Bintelli Beyond 4PR street legal golf carts for sale to help you navigate your local golf courses or your corporate campus in comfort and style. From work to play, a Bintelli golf cart can help you move forward with ease.

Learn more about this street legal golf cart below and contact one of our associates with any questions!

Bintelli Beyond 4PR: Design & Specifications

The Bintelli Beyond 4PR features a durable, yet lightweight aluminum frame with sturdy aluminum roof supports, an extended roof for added protection, and 14-inch wheels. Along with that, it runs off an AC electric motor, features hydraulic disc brakes, and offers the following capacity and performance specifications:

  • Max Load Capacity—800 pounds
  • Max Forward Speed—20-25 MPH
  • Running Distance—up to 30-35 miles

If you want a longer running distance, you can upgrade your range, so you can travel further on a single charge.

Bintelli Beyond 4PR: Standard Features

The Bintelli Beyond 4PR street legal golf cart sets you up for a smooth, successful drive across courses and campuses alike. It comes with LED lighting that ensures your visibility. To make it easy to park and maneuver the electric Bintelli Beyond 4PR street legal golf cart, it also includes a reverse camera.

Along with that, it has a standard Bluetooth sound system that lets you play your favorite songs to enhance the mood as you go about your day to day. To keep you and your passengers’ mobile devices powered up, this cart comes with an on-board smart charger and dual USB plugs, too.

Bintelli Beyond 4PR: Interior & Exterior Style

When you slide into the front seat of this Bintelli model, you will find standard 2-tone, premium surfaces that serve a dual purpose of enhancing both your comfort and style. On the outside, you can choose from a range of bold colors, including Ocean Blue, Burgundy, Mint, Navy, and many others, so you can attract attention as you navigate the green.

Bintelli Beyond 4PR: Street Legal Features

The Bintelli Beyond 4PR cart is ready for the paths of your favorite golf courses and business parks thanks to several core features, including headlights, taillights, turn signals, a Department of Transportation (DOT) windshield with a wiper to keep your visibility high and your clothes dry, DOT 3-point seat belts, and your very own 17-digit Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).

Take the Bintelli Beyond 4PR Out Around Toms River NJ

Nestled in the heart of Ocean County, New Jersey, Toms River is an ideal place to drive a golf cart. There’s a lot to explore without going far from home, whether you enjoy strolling around Cattus Island County Park, playing your favorite past-time sport at Bey Lea Golf Course, or picking up lunch from Wallach’s Farm Market & Deli.

Where Can I Find a Bintelli Beyond 4PR Golf Cart for Sale near Toms River NJ?

Are you already picturing yourself cruising around the course or campus in a sleek, electric Bintelli golf cart? If so, you can make that a reality by getting behind the wheel today.

Contact us at Toms River Bintelli Golf Carts to schedule a Bintelli Beyond 4PR test drive near Toms River, New Jersey!

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