Bintelli A 6PR vs E-Z-GO Express S6

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Are you deciding between the Bintelli A 6PR or the E-Z-Go Express S6 for your next golf cart? If so, you can find out how these two models match up head-to-head by reading this Bintelli A 6PR vs. E-Z-Go Express S6 comparison.

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Bintelli A 6PR vs E-Z-Go Express S6: Standard Equipment

The Bintelli A 6PR golf cart is a fully loaded model featuring an aluminum frame, aluminum roof supports, extended roof, and convenient rear flip seat. In the E-Z-Go Express S6 model, you will find similar components and features. Along with that, both these versatile models include AC, all-electric motors, as well as:

  • Taillights
  • Headlights
  • LED lighting

In addition to these features, the Bintelli A 6PR golf cart comes with a full Department of Transportation (DOT) windshield with a wiper to protect you from the elements, DOT 3-point seat belts to enhance safety, and a 17-digit Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). With a VIN, you can easily find parts and accessories specifically for your golf cart make and model.

Though the E-Z-Go Express S6 also offers a windshield and seatbelts, it does not include a standard VIN like its Bintelli competitor.

Bintelli A 6PR vs E-Z-Go Express S6: Performance Specifications

When it comes to performance and capability, the Bintelli A 6PR and the E-Z-Go Express S6 are closely matched. They both offer a maximum 1,200-pound load capacity, which will enable you to accommodate friends, family, clients, customers, and equipment, belongings, and supplies, too.

In terms of maximum forward speed, though, the Bintelli A 6PR offers a bit more. It can go up to 25 MPH. The standard E-Z-Go Express S6 model maxes out at about 20 MPH. If you want the option to get to your intended destination a bit faster, then the Bintelli A 6PR may better suit your needs on the campus and course.

Bintelli A 6PR vs E-Z-Go Express S6: Standard Technology

As you navigate to the marina, across your corporate campus, or around your favorite golf course in the Bintelli A 6PR, you will also have a standard Bluetooth sound system on board to keep everyone on board entertained with mood-enhancing music.

Along with that, this golf cart features a standard reverse camera. This can help you maneuver with greater confidence and peace of mind by increasing your visibility of the area behind your cart even with passengers in the rear seats.

If these features sound appealing to you, keep in mind that to enjoy them in the E-Z-Go Express S6, you will need to upgrade to another trim level and package.

Last Call: Bintelli A 6PR or E-Z-Go Express S6?

Although the E-Z-Go Express S6 golf cart offers some comparable components to the Bintelli model, it falls short in terms of standard features. If you like the idea of having a reverse camera, greater maximum speed, and a VIN, the Bintelli A 6PR offers it all.

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