Bintelli Golf Carts vs E-Z-GO

When you’re meeting a friend for drinks, going to the store, or teeing off at the front nine, a good golf cart can make all the difference. Both Bintelli and E-Z-GO offer a full lineup of carts that range from commercial carts to street legal options that are perfect for your day-to-day life.

So, which one makes the right cart for you? To help golf cart lovers and business owners in Toms River, Beachwood, and Brick, NJ, learn more and decide between the two, Toms River Bintelli Golf Carts looked at what they have to offer in this Bintelli Golf Carts vs. E-Z-GO comparison.

Bintelli vs E-Z-GO Golf Carts Design

Both Bintelli and E-Z-GO offer a variety of models. You’ll find carts with one row of seats, a pair of rear-facing backseats, and family-friendly ones with room for up to six people. However, the Bintelli models offer a more appealing design.

For starters, they run on aluminum rims and feature classy wood grain trim along both the dashboard and steering wheel. The full-size windshield protects you from rain and wind while also giving you the same secure feeling as you would get in your car or SUV.

E-Z-GO carts have a slightly more rugged appearance. They ride higher, have larger wheels, and don’t come with aluminum or wood grain. They also feature a short folding windshield that doesn’t offer much protection. Overall, they look more like an all-terrain vehicle than a neighborhood golf cart.

User-Friendly Features

In addition to looking the part, Bintelli Golf Carts offer similar comforts to an automobile. The windshield features AS1 safety glass and includes a wiper that’ll help you see clearly. You’ll also have familiar features, like:

  • Horn
  • Headlights
  • Taillights
  • Turn signals

Bintelli Golf Carts take things a step further too. They feature a relatively low ground clearance, which makes it easy for everyone to hop on or off. If you need extra seating, just flip the cargo bed up to reveal a pair of backseats. Plus, under the cargo bed, you’ll find a portable cooler.

On the flipside, E-Z-GO carts make you choose between a backseat or space for golf bags. Either way, you won’t find a cooler under there either. Likewise, the folding windshield design doesn’t include a wiper. Their higher ground clearance could also be inconvenient for senior citizens, small children, and anyone who wants to get on and off quickly.


When you’re in a hurry to get to your tee time, then you need a golf cart with a little pep that doesn’t need you to take time to refill its tank. Both E-Z-GO and Bintelli Golf Carts offer electric options, although E-Z-GO does have some gas vehicles in its lineup.

Meanwhile, all Bintelli Golf Carts run exclusively on electric batteries that are both efficient and easy to charge. With an On Board Smart Charger, you can plug them into any outlet. Plus, they’re able to get up to 25 MPH, so you can stay with the flow of traffic too.

As for speed, most E-Z-GO carts only top out at 19 MPH.

Test Drive a Comfortable Golf Cart

With their stylish design, extra amenities, and sporty electric powertrains, Bintelli Golf Carts offer more to drivers in Toms River, Beachwood, and Brick, New Jersey. Visit Toms River Bintelli Golf Carts to learn more about Bintelli Golf Carts vs. E-Z-GO and to take a test drive.

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